LiveWords believes in working with partners and the synergy it generates. So if you would like to offer translation services based on LiveWords, or help your clients build localized websites the easy way, do continue reading!

Additional services to existing clients
You can provide your clients with a one-stop solution for website translation and workflow management. The implementation of LiveWords is also a structural choice that contributes to a long-term relationship with your clients.

Acquiring new clients
You can also use LiveWords to get in touch with potential clients. Organizations expanding into global markets have an ongoing need for translation services. LiveWords technology removes many of the traditional barriers, for the initial translation as well as for the maintenance of structural changes.

If you offer translation services or implement localized webshops or sites, we want to help you win.

Esther Urlings, Sales Engineer

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Technology partners

At Hippo we believe digital is here to make our lives a little bit better. Our purpose is to facilitate innovation so our customers can create digital miracles. We serve our customers by creating a platform that is fun to use, easy to implement and open for innovation.

SyncForce is an Enterprise Product Cloud and combines Product Master Data Management with product development management and product launch management capabilities. The SyncForce “Product Success Machine” is designed to make it easier to successfully bring branded products to market in a multichannel world. A key hallmark of the solution is the ability to ensure complete and consistent digital availability across all channels.

Stibo Systems is a global leader in Master Data Management (MDM) solutions. Using Stibo Systems' STEP technology, customers can leverage their product information assets and handle the complex product-oriented workflows needed to reconcile product and cross-channel consistencies in order to meet their omni-channel needs. With expanded domain expertise, Stibo Systems we create solutions that help companies gather, manage and share customer, product, supplier and other corporate intelligence across the enterprise using a single MDM platform.

inRiver is the market leader for simplifying Product Information Management (PIM) - by putting the power in the hands of the user, we enable multi-channel commerce professionals to visually manage their product information. inRiver is fast to implement and easy to use, radically facilitating the creation, maintenance, and distribution of product information to multiple sales channels in multiple languages. 150+ customers around the world rely on inRiver’s PIM platform for efficiently controlling the product flow for their globally recognized brands.

Demandware first introduced its innovative, enterprise-class cloud commerce platform in 2004 and continues to set the standard for omni-channel commerce solutions. Today, we power more than 200 retail brands across more than 800 sites around the globe.

NXC is a solution provider, assembling "state-of-the-art" solutions based on open source technologies. All solutions are offered as "Solutions as a Services (SaaS) on our cloud infrastructure. In addition we offer a full range of development services from onsite advisory to low-cost offshoring, all based on open source technologies.

Great work demands more than making things pretty and shiny. We use data and meaningful insights to really fire up the creative process. We understand that powerful storytelling is the best way to motivate behaviour, and that data and analytics can help us get under the skin of that behaviour. Simply put, we connect data with storytelling.

We are Emakina. We believe the interaction between brands, organizations and their target groups is key to their success. We believe the digital landscape facilitates the first moment of contact and creates a platform where brands and organizations deepen and strengthen this interaction. Because digital communication is efficient, effective and specific. Emakina, building brand experiences.

Translation partners

Easy Translation is an all-round translation agency, specialising on the translation of your online content. Together with our extensive network of professional translators, we provide top-notch translation services to businesses in the Netherlands and abroad. We believe in high quality translations at a fair price.

Concorde is the biggest Dutch translation agency in the Netherlands. We have the capacity to translate and interpret from and to any language. Our mission is to make multilingualism accessible for all businesses. We make international success happen!

Translation is our core business. That means that we focus on ensuring the best possible translation of your texts. Our in-house translators have years of experience in a wide variety of fields. Thanks to our extensive network of translators, we can also take care of very specialized translation work, from and into all world languages.

The Language Lab

The Language Lab provides first-class translation services to organizations in the Netherlands and abroad. The Language Lab is a one-stop service provider for all your translation needs, from a last-minute rush translation to the most complex of translation projects.

Lionbridge helps companies worldwide to develop, localize, test and support their enterprise content and technology applications. Lionbridge serves hundreds of companies across the globe - from new businesses to the 10 largest in the world.

SDL allows companies to optimize their customers’ experience across the entire buyer journey. Through its web content management, analytics, social intelligence, campaign management and translation services, SDL helps organizations leverage data-driven insights to understand what their customers want, orchestrate relevant content and communications, and deliver engaging and contextual experiences across languages, cultures, channels and devices.

Our domain: translation without borders. Global Textware delivers a complete translation service to succesfully offer your product on international and local markets. Our people are language enthusiasts and are proud to provide top-quality texts.

Bothof European Translations

Bothof European Translations B.V. (BET) specializes in bilingual and multilingual translation projects for European governments and multinationals in Europe and beyond. BET boasts over 19 years of industry experience.

WTS has been translating and interpreting for businesses and government since 1982. WTS is active in a wide range of sectors. It also has two specialised departments for the translation of financial and legal texts: WTS Finance and WTS Legal.

Wilkens c.s. has been a leader in the translation world for the past 20 years. Its clients include the Dutch government as well as business and organizations in the legal, medical and technical sectors. At Wilkens c.s, the customer is still king.

Bothof Translation Agency

Bothof Translation Agency has been providing unbeatable quality, speed and service for 35 years. Its clients include the national government and a large number of renowned companies and institutions in the Netherlands and abroad, particularly in the technical and legal fields.

Business Translation Services

Business Translation Services B.V. (BTS) is your full-service provider of high-quality multilingual communication solutions with over 25 years of business-to-business experience.