Frequently Answered

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What is LiveWords?

LiveWords is a cloud translation management solution for online content. Read more

Why use LiveWords?

LiveWords  automates your translation workflow and ensures translation re-use. LiveWords adds professional translation workflow to any website or web application. Read more

What is Translation Workflow?

In general, the Translation Workflow is the total of efforts needed to keep the translation process going, in response to Read more

Why can't I just translate content in my CMS?

You can translate content in your CMS, but keeping your content up-to-date this way is an elaborate, nerve-wracking experience. Read more

What is required to use LiveWords on my site?

To use LiveWords, you only need a publicly accessible website to start translating and managing your workflow. LiveWords works with Read more

Is LiveWords an alternative for Google Translate?

No it's not. Google Translate offers a great way to get content translated quickly. Considering the speed of Google Translate, its quality is reasonable for short texts, although its translations can raise some eyebrows from time to time. Read more